Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Growing Green: Forty New Retailers to Carry Lela Designs

Lela Designs (“Lela”), the eco‐friendly clothing company that is wholly‐owned by Greenscape, is finishing its Spring 2010 selling season and has confirmed that the line will appear in 40 new retailers this upcoming season. Prior to the Spring 2010 selling season, a total of 115 retailers in four different countries, were carrying the fashion forward, eco‐friendly line that can also be found on some of the world’s top golfers on the LPGA Tour.

Included in the 40 new stores carrying the line are two new Golf Town locations. Prior to this season, Lela could be found in eight Golf Town locations. Golf Town, founded in 1999, has grown to be Canada’s golf superstore and is one of the most prominent golf retailers in the world and one of the largest golf retailers in North America.

Greenscape Capital Group identifies and invests in companies in the eco‐friendly consumer space. Greenscape provides strategic capital and business advisory services to these companies to assist them in achieving their corporate and environmental goals. Additionally, Greenscape operates an eco‐consulting company, working to help outside companies make their operations more environmentally sustainable, socially responsible and

Congratulations Lela!

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